How To Clean & Maintain A Cast Iron Skillet


Cooking with cast iron is a healthy alternative to your typical steel or non-stick pans. Aside from being affordable and versatile, cast iron skillets have an oil based, non-toxic seasoning that acts as a barrier between food and the metal. There are so many great benefits of cooking in cast iron; however we’ll leave that for another blog! Today’s post is based on how to properly care for your cast iron skillet, so it can last many generations to come.
We’ve listed 8 easy steps that will guide you through how to properly clean your cast iron skillet most effectively:
1. Using a wooden utensil or plastic spatula to scrape the cast iron skillet free of larger pieces of food.

2. Use warm water to rinse off any remaining bits of food.Carefully use an abrasive sponge or scrubbing pad and clean the skillet of any remaining debris.

3. Rinse off the skillet one final time, to make sure that there is no remaining mess on the skillet.

4. Dry off the skillet using paper towels or a clean dishcloth to avoid introducing bacteria.Spray on Caron & Doucet CAST IRON OIL, which will help build and maintain the oil based seasoning and avoid any future rust.

5. Rub in our cast iron oil using a paper towel and remove any excess oil.

6. Store the cast iron skillet in a dry place and avoid stacking other pots and pans on top to avoid scratching.

In some instances, where you have burnt on food (let’s face it, even the best cook can burn food!), you will need to be more aggressive on the scrubbing. Try adding our Natural Salt Scrub during (step 3) the cleaning process to loosen baked on food.

If you start to notice food is becoming more stubborn to remove or that the skillet is , then you may need to re-season your cast iron skillet.

How to clean cast iron skillet, it is also important to note a few things to avoid:

- Do not put the cast iron skillet in the dishwasher, or expose it to harsh soaps. The oil based seasoning that helps protect your pan will become tainted.

- Do not use steel wool or any other harsh abrasive cleaning tools.By using these extremely abrasive tools you will remove the important oil based seasoning that is needed in your cooking process.

- Do not leave your cast iron skillet exposed to water for long periods of time.This will cause the oil based seasoning to become less effective and the iron will begin to rust.
- Do not dry your cast iron skillet with a dirty, damp dish cloth, as this could expose the oil based seasoning to bacteria.

- Do not store the cast iron skillet in direct sunlight.The sunlight will cause the oil based seasoning to breakdown and go rancid.

- Do not plunge your cast iron skillet into cold water when it is hot.The extreme temperature change can cause your almost indestructible pan to warp or worse, crack!

By remembering these do’s and don’ts when it comes to caring for your cast iron skillet, you will maintain a sustainable inexpensive piece of cookware that will become a staple in your kitchen. Like most things you love, choose to protect, nurture and care for your cast iron skillet and without fail, it will love you back.



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