Cast Iron Seasoning Bundle


Plant-based cast iron oil that naturally restores, and maintains your favorite cast iron cookware and skillets, whether cooking inside or outdoors! Made using a specially selected refined coconut oil, and food-grade essential oil extracts. Made of ingredients approved for food contact surfaces: cutting boards, butcher blocks, and counters. Mineral oil free.

✓ 100% natural formula (no synthetic ingredients)
✓ Helps develop and build up a natural "non-stick" seasoning
✓ Completely free of mineral oil and petroleum by-products
✓ Keep your cookware looking and working like new!

Highly shelf stable, and will not solidify.

Bundle includes:


To begin process, first use the Cast Iron Scrub. Once scrub has been applied, we recommend using 2 tablespoons of our Cast Iron Soap to sanitize the cast iron cookware. Wash with natural-scrub, and let dry. Once dried, pour a tablespoon of the Cast Iron Oil onto the cookware, and use a acloth to work the oil into the cast iron. Let dry. Weekly use will easily build up a strong seasoning coat.


Vegan-Friendly | GMO-Free | Gluten-Free | Cruelty-Free
Absolutely free of sulfates, phosphates, and parabens.

Crafted in Canada