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Q. How is refined coconut oil different from other vegetable oils that can be found in the average kitchen?

A. Unlike other vegetable oils which will go rancid and leave a sticky residue, refined coconut resists rancidity and leaves a smooth clean finish.

Q. Why is rice bran wax used in your cutting board wax as opposed to beeswax?

A. We selected Rice bran wax for several reasons. It has a melting point of at least 10° higher than that of beeswax and is therefore a much harder wax. This gives wood and bamboo kitchenware a more durable finish. Rice bran wax exhibits superior hydrophobic characteristics making wood less permeable to moisture. Another reason we chose rice bran wax is because it is vegetal based providing for a vegan option.

Q. Why do you add essential oils, and will they transfer flavor to my food?

A. Essential oils are added to help eliminate food odours from cooking and food preparation surfaces. Unlike fragrances essential oils are volatile by nature allowing them to quickly dissipate so little to no food transfer occurs.

Q. Is it possible for an individual to be allergic to the ingredients in your products?

A. It is possible for certain individuals to have adverse reactions to a variety of ingredients found in any product whether it be a food, cosmetic or household products. This is why we strongly believe in full disclosure of all ingredients contained in our products. If you have any allergies, please contact us and we can inform you if those ingredients are used in any of our products.

Q. Why do you choose not to use mineral oil in your products?

A. Mineral oil (liquid paraffin oil) is a non renewable byproduct of the petroleum industry. Our company pledges to never use petrochemical ingredients in any of our formulations as we believe that 100% plant based ingredients is the way to go.