Formulated to gently clean cast iron kitchenware while preserving the cast iron’s seasoning. Ideal for all cast iron cookware such as pots, pans, skillets, dutch ovens, woks, griddles and frying pans,

Quickly eliminate unwanted food odors while maintaining the seasoning on your cast iron cookware. Unlike traditional detergent soaps on the market, this soap is manufactured using the traditional soap making methods that do not incorporate parabens, phosphates or artificial foaming agents. Lightly scented with 100% pure lemongrass and rosemary essential oil.

HOW TO USE:    Clean cookware immediately after each use. Apply a teaspoon of soap directly onto cookware and clean with hot water; dry thoroughly. For best results, apply Caron & Doucet CAST IRON OIL after each use to protect and restore seasoning.


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